The Wonder Institute is the new primary focus of Center of Wonder.  Part think-tank, convener, and program creator, we envision the Wonder Institute as a catalyst to further solidify Jackson Hole as an arts and culture epicenter in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Institute will be launched with four main initiatives:

Masters-In-Residence Series

We will bring to Jackson Hole engaging experts in the arts and science arenas, four to six times per year.  In addition to a keynote address, we will select speakers who can provide additional workshops for the community and students.

Digital Media Lab 

Jackson Hole is a hotbed of award-winning professional film and photography talent. However, there is limited opportunity where students and adults can learn from mentors, or have the equipment and technology to further their own creative pursuits.  Our goal is to develop a Digital Media Lab where this vision can become a reality.    By collaborating with the wide number of resources available to us, we plan to develop a world-class classroom that will inspire the next generation of filmmakers and photographers.


We see the need for additional creative “makerspaces” in Jackson where individual artists who do not have gallery space can create and showcase their work.  The spaces will allow welders, sculptors, woodworkers and artists of all mediums to further their work, as well as provide a venue for youth and adults to learn from these artists.

Wonder Community Programs

Keeping with our collaborative mission, the Wonder Institute is now managing programs started by Jackson Hole Wild, including TedEx Jackson Hole, Wild Fest and Science Days.